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 Private english lessons

At Home with Native speakers 

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     At The Language, we offer a wide variety of Languages programs. 

    Our customized classes range from 2-15 hours per week focusing on improving your language skills from basic to advanced levels.

     Not only you will  learn the language in a fun, energetic environment, our flexible learning structure allow you to choose between private and group classes!

    The Language has taught languages to hundreds of students and is well known for our professional, qualified instructors as well a friendly, open learning atmosphere.        

    We are committed to providing quality language instruction, which will make learning the language enjoyable and easy.

    We also provide help and support services to ensure students get whatever is needed for their optimal learning experience.

English / Chinese / German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese/

Japanese/ Korean / Arabic / Polish / Russian/ Norwegian / 

For other languages please contact us

Best price quality

Certified Experienced Teachers

CALL : 02-114-3250


   Private classes can be conducted anywhere and can cater up to 4 people! Want to learn conversational English at a cafe' with two of your friends? We can make that happen.


  Each lesson is tailored for you, the Student. The teacher will adapt your lesson to your needs and priorities. Want to focus on speaking? No problem! The lesson is focused at your learning level and language ambitions.


  As we are a language community, students also get to participate in cultural and social activities outside of the classroom as well. From casual language exchange meet ups to networking events, we'll have it all.



English private class

with native speakers at home


 With these classes, you can create your own lesson. You decide how much time you want to spend with the trainer by directly with them beforehand regarding what your objective and goals are.

The teacher then will work with you to create a lesson plan fully optimized to your needs.

These courses are suitable for students looking for a stimulating, highly effective and yet flexible learning environment.

General English

Practice english conversation, listening, reading and writing for daily life. 



Business English conversation, writing emails, reports, news, presentations and Interviews.

Toefl / Ielts / Toeic etc.

Prepare yourself for International english exams( Ielts, Toefl, Toeic, etc...)



For non-native speakers of English who have a serious desire to improve their language skill in a short time frame.

Level Scale : Beginner > Elementary >Pre intermediate >intermediate > upper intermediate >

Pre advance >Advance 


Age : Kids2 yrs- Adults

flexible schedule







1 lesson starting at 2 hours

 open everyday from Monday - Sunday


wherever you want

  • YourHome

  • Office

  • Shopping Mall

  • or Café



 by super resume 




We give you the resume of our teachers
and you choose the teacher that best suits you
Certified experienced teachers ONLY!

Fast Achievement

It doesn't matter what your English level is - learning with our native English speaking teachers is the fastest, most effective way to master the language.  These private lessons are offered everywhere and are available for 1-4 people. The teacher will be fully focused on you and your needs.

Unlimited study time

Our flexible course lenght allows you to customize your course to suit your goals and budget. Choose how long you want to study and how many lessons you want per week.

Wide range

of lessons

We can work with any level from basic elementary English skills to advanced. All lessons are meticulously prepared for you by your teacher in order to help you improve and progress quickly. You will be able to learn new vocabulary, phrases and grammar in no time.

Best price quality

you can experience

English Lessons


Fast Improvement!

catch your success

Our Classes are all taught and spoken solely in English. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn from a native speaker and converse with your new peers at the same time!

This course structure focuses on speaking and conversing in English on a daily basics. Students are placed in various scenarios with the teacher whereby they will have to engage and interact in the English language.

Corporate Training

  Whether you need foreign language training for a few individuals or an entire workforce, we can help.

In a world where international clients are ten times more likely to do business with someone who speaks their language, customers are four times more likely to buy from a website that provides information in their own language, and 9 out of 10 employees believe corporate language training is relevant to their job duties, in-house language skills are key in winning clients and retaining good staff.

Engaging with corporate language training, cross-cultural awareness training, multilingual websites, technologies and customer service has become a necessity for both SMEs and international corporations.


In-company language training can support a company's training strategy in various ways. For example, it can develop the Business Language skills of a group of people working together on a particular project, or all the staff in a department where linguistic competence is required in a variety of Business Languages.

CAll: 02-114-3250 LINE:

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