Rules and Regulations


All rules agreed at the beginning of the course by “The Language Thailand” and the Teacher cannot be changed during the course without mutual agreement.



1. Period of Languages course (counting from the first day of the class) 

20 hours, expire within 3 months

30 hours, expire within 4 months

60 hours, expire within 5 months

  • Please check all details of each course in email confirmation or on the website. 


2. Before applying for each teaching course, please take a serious consideration whether or not you can comply with conditions in each course, i.e. total teaching hours, teaching place and time. In case there are any changes, it has to be done according to the student's satisfaction.


3. Teachers must complete the teaching course as defined by the agreed terms.


4. Class cancelation by teachers must be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled date.

If cancelations are made within 24 hours a fee of 1 hour will be deducted from your next pay. Late arrival of 30 mins or more will also incur a penalty of 1 hour to be deducted from the next pay cycle.


5. Class schedule and location shall not be changed without mutual agreement of the student.


6. Teachers need to inform their own students in the first class about cancellation rules.


7. All teachers must complete an evaluation at the end of course, mandatory.


Please take into your consideration that you are representing “The Language Thailand” and should act in a manner that preserves the reputation of our company.


** Any Teacher who fails to comply with the written rules and regulation, will be confiscated of first 2 class payments ***



1. Students have the right to ask for a replacement in case they are not satisfied with the teaching.


2. Students should cancel classes 24 hours prior to the confirmed / scheduled date. Teachers will be compensated with 180 - 550 THB (in case the cancellation happens in less than 24 hours) by “The Language Thailand”.


3. Students cannot cancel more than 3 classes in a row, “The Language Thailand” will compensate 180 - 550 THB


  • If the teachers have been asked by the students to be replaced more than 2 times, they will be suspended from the job immediately.

  • Note: If a student misses the class due to sickness and they have a doctor's note, the class will be reinstated.



  1. Study material or teaching book

  2. Evaluation

NOTE : At the beginning of the course, teachers will receive student's English level (Oxford standard) to adapt it with your lesson plan


Payment Policy 

1. In order to receive payment teachers shall submit teaching hours and report of classes through the link:

2. Payments term 

  • Monthly 

  • Pay date : 1st - 2nd of each month between the hours of 07.00-09.00 pm. 

  • the salary of each month are calculating from lessons that teacher teach during 26th - 25th of each month 



All lessons that have been taught from 26th May - 25 June will be paid on 1st -2nd July.


3. We are able to send out a summary of your payment on the 28th  of each month If there is an error, please feel free to inform us , no later than 30th - 31th of each month.

In case of accepting the payment after completed the course.

- For the course that finished before 10th, the payment will be proceed on 15th on that month 

- For the course that finished during 11-25th, the payment will be proceed on 1st - 2nd on the next month


4. Any teaching hours or class reports which are submitted after our monthly payment summary has been issued will be counted and included with the next payment.


5. on behalf of The Language Thailand a tax return has been filed for business under the law of Thailand. Therefore, there are additional conditions for payment to the contractor or teacher that must be adjusted. according to the law of Thailand in receiving wages as follows:

5.1 The amount of a teacher’s wages will be withheld at 3% according to the conditions of Thai tax.
- The company must deduct from the amount that will be paid to the teacher and remit the deduction amount to the state along with documents "Withholding Tax Certificate" as evidence confirming the time the teacher made a tax deduction.

5.2 We will waive the payment fee for every payment cycle for free (from the original deducted from the amount of 25 baht per transaction).


6. Materials + Evaluation 

Teachers shall receive an extra budget at the end of the course Except Online course 

  • 700 THB for any course above 20 hrs.

  • 300 THB for any courses below 20 hrs.

In order to claim for the material fee , evaluation and final report * must be completed and submitted within 2 weeks after the final lesson has been done. 

Example final report :

Link :

Final report files : 

Link :

* * At the end of the course , fill out the form and attach the file via the link below : 

Link :

* * Bonus * * 

after the first course has finished, If students continue the lesson with the same teacher (new course), the teacher will get paid 

  • 500 THB for any course below 20 hrs

  • 1,000 THB for any courses above 20 hrs as a bonus.

Except Online course 


Please note that we will withhold the payment of the first 2 classes as a guarantee that you will finish the whole course, after the course has finished you will receive this payment in return.

Your opinion is very important to us. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve “The Language Thailand”.


Noted ** 

Make sure to complete the exact hours as indicated in the course details.  

** Extra hours beyond the confirmed hours will not be guaranteed the payment 

For example 

Your Course has been confirmed at 30 hrs 
In the end of the course if the class report has shown 32 hrs ,the extra 2 hrs will be the benefits for students and not count as salary ( not paid )  

Before starting the position, kindly read the confirmation details if you have any questions please let us know beforehand.

Video cases - how to do :

Pay Rate

(The new pay rate starts from the course in Aug 1st, 2022 onwards.)

(Private course)

1. Private English Lesson By Native Teacher

( American / British / Canadian / Australian / New Zealand Etc. ) 


General Course / Intensive Course 

One-on-one: 550 THB/hour

2 students: 600 THB/hour

3 students: 650 THB/hour

4 students: 700 THB/hour

Business Course / Academic Course 

One-on-one: 600 THB/hour

2 students: 650 THB/hour

3 students: 700 THB/hour

4 students: 750 THB/hour


2. Private English Lesson by Non-Native Teacher ( Asian / European ) 


General Course / Intensive Course

One-on-one: 350-400 THB/hour

2 students: 400-450 THB/hour

3 students: 450-500 THB/hour

4 students: 500-550 THB/hour

Business Course / Academic Course 

One-on-one: 400-450 THB/hour

2 students: 450-500 THB/hour

3 students: 500-550 THB/hour

4 students: 550-600 THB/hour

Pay rate + a lump sum travel allowance of 120 THB - 450 THB / class. 

This travel allowance will be paid directly by the Language.

This payment rate is only available for certified and experienced teachers. However, the rate of teachers with the positive feedback can be negotiable.

 Online rate 

Asian - Europe Teacher

- General course

One-on-one  : 300 THB/hour

2 – 4 students : 350 - 400 THB/hour

5 – 8 students : 450 - 500 THB/hour

Classes that are less than an hour

100-125 THB / 20 - 25 minutes 

- Business / Academic course

One-on-one : 400 THB/hour 

2 – 4 students : 450 - 500 THB/hour

5 – 8 students : 550 - 600 THB/hour 


Native Teacher

- General course

One-on-one : 350 THB/hour

2 – 4 students : 400 - 450 THB/hour

5 – 8 students : 550 – 600 THB/hour

Classes that are less than an hour

120-145 THB / 20 - 25 minutes 

- Business / Academic course

One-on-one : 450 THB/hour

2 – 4 students : 500 - 550 THB/hour

5 – 8 students : 650 – 700 THB/hour

Corporate Rate 


For corporate training : in house - Online training 

1. Rate : 500 - 1000 THB per hour. depend on each course
2. travel allowance : 180-500 THB per class. depend on each course


3. Materials + evaluation 

Individual lesson : 500 THB / course 
For group lesson : +100 / student 

- Pre evaluation 
- Lesson plan / course outline 
- Daily report 
- Workshop evaluation + report 
- Post evaluation + final report

- Attendance / Sheet

+ Bonus for renewal course 

Individual course : 500 THB 
Group course : + 100 THB / student

This payment rate is only available for certified and experienced teachers. However, the rate of teachers with the positive feedback can be negotiable.

The Language Thailand 🌏