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Corporate Training

language training for companies


"We tailor courses to meet your company's goals."

Corporate Training at The Language Thailand


Excellent language training & professional service

Guaranteed results after completing the course.

Our Services

The Corporate Training Services organized by The Language Thailand.

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Maximize student participation 

In-House Training

We believe in the power of consistent practice for effective language learning and best outcomes.

Our curriculum begins with assessing each learner's proficiency level, followed by
tailored programs that prioritize active participation and interactive teaching methods from selected instructors.

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 learn anytime, anywhere

Online Training

Online courses via Zoom or Google Meet are accessible on smartphones, laptops, or tablets, offering flexible learning anywhere with internet access. Taught by international experts, they cater to learners of all ages and genders.

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Emphasize experiential learning activities

Workshop & Seminar

Hands-on activities emphasize skill practice, group work, and profession-specific techniques, fostering confidence in applying learned skills efficiently.

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Led by our highly experienced teachers

Skill Workshop

To achieve language improvement goals, we identify challenges, foster authentic conversations, and teach effective ways to find innovative solutions, enhancing interpersonal relations and organizational efficiency for sustainable business results.

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Our Benefits

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English courses focus on speaking and communication skills for real-life situations like meetings, phone calls, presentations, and emails, which are valuable for professional use.

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At The Language, our courses range from general English to slightly customized options for companies. We also offer curriculum design services to meet each company's specific needs.

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We offer courses catering to all language proficiency levels, from beginner to expert.

Our Methodology

The Language Thailand's courses are internationally standardized


70%+ of learning from practice & real-world!

Learning connects to Learning is linked to one's surroundings, providing useful knowledge applicable in real life, enabling effective English language learning.

Free workshop with course!


Quality instructors certified internationally

This course offers top-notch lessons by experienced instructors, ready to assist you for immediate guidance, boosting language skills and confidence.

Certified in globally recognized training


Consult about our courses for free.

Our course adjusts to students' proficiency and goals, with flexible schedules for on-site or online teaching. We conduct Oxford language assessments before, during, and after each course to align learning outcomes with company goals.

Using Oxford language proficiency assessments.

Highlighted Features

To create an exceptional learning experience for students


Online tracking and performance assessment system

Access anytime, anywhere to monitor employee progress, class plans, and receive personalized skill development recommendations.

Customizing courses for learners and companies

Our courses ensure measurable results and genuine language skill development. We provide guidance and adapt teaching methods to each learner.

Get Certificate of our language training course

All learners at The Language Thailand who finish our courses receive an English language certificate.

Free Online App for learners within the course

The Language Thailand's online application enables students to learn anytime, anywhere.


Train with us

Trust us to develop language skills for your personnel.

Learning by Doing

Get 1 Free Workshop!
when purchasing our course

Qualified Teachers

Instructors are top quality,
100% certified 

Structured Course

Our courses meet
Oxford standards and assessments

Our Courses

No matter what the goal is, we can design it to meet your objectives.

1. Standard Course

1.1 General English

Prioritize effective communication, with lessons enhancing language flexibility and accuracy.

1.2 Business English

Prioritize real-life work scenarios for practical application.


2. Tailored Course

(for specific purpose)

Focus on specific, tailored needs, with content adjustments to align closely with desired objectives.

Our Clients

The Language Thailand is trusted by over 200 leading companies nationwide for our In-House Training, ensuring years of confidence in our care.